Blended Grammar School Principal

Ann Taylor, Blended Grammar School Principal

At The Academy of Classical Christian Studies, parents and teachers will soon be engaging in the next major event in our school year – parent/teacher conferences.

Parent-teacher conferences sometimes become a cause for concern for all involved – children just beginning their school experience may be wary of the idea of parents and teachers talking about them “behind closed doors”; parents may feel uncomfortable about going inside their child’s classroom and listening to reports of their child’s conduct and class work; teachers want to be sure to give an accurate evaluation of the student’s abilities and progress.

As we think forward about our parent/teacher conferences, we suggest that you think of and prioritize some questions that you have for your teacher(s). Here are a few suggested questions shared with me by former WISE Council representative Catherine Brown to consider:

  • What is my child like at school? (We all know they are different in the school environment than the home.)
  • What does my child do that surprise you?
  • What is my child reluctant to do?

Share with your teacher how you have been assisting your child in a particular subject (i.e. writing or math) and ask questions (again from Catherine) like:

  • What is the next step of independence that is grade appropriate for my child at this point?
  • Am I helping sufficiently and appropriate to his/her grade level?
  • Request input for specific ideas to help the student to go to the next level of independence of self-management and self control to continue your child’s development as a Kingdom citizen.
  • What can I do to support you (the teacher) as we team together to disciple my child in the way he should go?

There are, of course, a multitude of other questions that might be as or more applicable to your situation; the important thing is to pick one or two that are your top priority to address. If parents need additional time, they may arrange additional time on another day to meet with teacher(s) and/or schedule a phone conference in the near future.

Our teachers and staff are here to fulfill our mission – to assist parents in shaping students’ affections for Truth, Goodness, and Beauty to the benefit of man and for the glory of Jesus Christ. We are praying for our year and specifically for the privilege of conferencing with each family in the near future in the next few weeks.