Craig Dunham, Head of School

Craig Dunham, Head of School

At The Academy of Classical Christian Studies, our goals for our students are bigger than just educating them; in a world as complicated as ours, they have to be.

As I’ve written before, education without moral formation is insufficient. Students may learn many things, but unless these form and transform them, even the best ideas are little more than a chasing after the wind.

At The Academy, redefining education means:

  • Qualified, professional teachers instructing covenant children through classical means
  • Committed, intentional parents partnering with teachers on a set curriculum in a variety of schooling models
  • Engaged, eager students learning to love and pursue Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in accordance with biblical truth for the glory of God

College prep is not preparation enough; we’re a Kingdom-preparatory school. By way of our classical Christian curriculum, students learn that competency requires character, that virtues trump values, and that faithfully pursuing vocation –and not just a career –is key to a fruitful life.

Regardless of next steps –apprenticeship, college, gap year travel, military service, workforce –we endeavor to prepare students intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, and physically to be about God’s work and Word in the world.