Thompson, Alison

Alison Thompson South Grammar Principal

Let’s be honest.  It seems to happen every year.  After months of feeling cooped up with cold weather and a perceived immensity of work during the 3rd quarter, we finally limp into Spring Break.  Then, as we decompress over the break, we realize that there are only 9 weeks left.  ONLY NINE WEEKS!  This tiny amount of time seems so miniscule, so inconsequential, so (some might say) unnecessary.  We start making our summer plans, we start baseball/softball season, we start wearing shorts, and we start turning our minds toward the end of school and the beginning of summer.  Some may even believe the falsehood that “nothing productive happens in school between Spring Break and the end of the year.”  I know these things because I’m faced with this tempting thinking every school year.  I see it in my friends, the people I work with, the students, and their parents.

And I want to tell you something.  This kind of thinking is not Biblical.  Rather than simply admonish us all to “finish strong”, I will instead invite you to join me as I seek to correct the error in my spring thinking.  I believe the solution lies in something Jesus taught in his Sermon on the Mount.  “Do not worry,” he teaches, “Saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we wear?”  Or “Where will we go on vacation?” or  “How many more days until I can sleep in?”  Jesus knows we are prone to anxiously live outside of the present.  He knows our tendency to let his little miracles of provision go unnoticed.  But he gives us the remedy.  “Seek first [my] kingdom and righteousness.”  I want to share how I plan to be seeking God’s kingdom during the next 9 weeks.

I will seek to see God’s blessings and provision in the present moments of each day.  Is God teaching my child or me something new and incredible about Himself?  Is God stretching my reliance on Him?  Is God showing me new insights in parenting or teaching?  Is God revealing an area where I can serve the people around me?  I will resist becoming lost in speculation about the summer or weariness over this last nine weeks so that I don’t miss God’s kingdom that he is calling me to right now.

I will be available.  I will seek to enter into God’s righteousness by participating with Him in his work.  I will be an encourager, servant, student, counselor, peacemaker, and teacher to those around me.  I will strive to do the work God gives me each day with joy and encourage my children to do the same.  I will resist the feeling that the work my children and I are doing is pointless or too difficult and will rest in the truth that we are God’s workmanship doing His good works.

Finally, I will expect God’s presence.  The whole story of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection is one of becoming present in a very personal way with kingdom citizens.  God is with us.  He is with me.  While some amount of planning is going to be necessary for the coming summer and next year, God expects to meet us, to be present with us, now.  I will seek God’s presence not only in the peace and solitude of devoted time with Him but also in the routine and endless activities of my day.

In the next nine weeks, there are enough events, opportunities for service and fellowship, and celebrations to cause anyone to feel a little overwhelmed.  And that is not even mentioning the studying, memorizing, writing, presenting, and discussing that is to happen within our homes and classrooms.  But fellow parents, teachers, and students, do not grow weary; do not lose sight.  This is the time our Lord has for us.  I ask that we commit to pray for one another as we press into His kingdom and His righteousness in this place and time… and finish well.

Alison Thompson
South Grammar Principal
The Academy of Classical Christian Studies